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Compulsory part of the Master in Official Statistics represents long term internship. According to the study plan all students have to attend internship in some of the official statistic institution in the Czech Republic or European Union during the second semester of their study. Internship substitutes minor specialization in the other master programs and covers 30 credits.

Internship gives you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and skills in a practice.

Internship is split to two parts:
1. Practical training in the institution for at least 250 hours worked (12 credits).
2. Project (for 18 credits) which is developed during the internship under supervision of one teacher and one expert from the institution where the internship was realised.

The project is one part of the master thesis and its results have to be defended in front of commission of experts (3 credits – included in the 15 credits determined to State exams and thesis defence in the fourth semester).

List of the institutions where internships are available will be published soon.

Students are allowed to manage the internship in the other institutions as well. However, the plan and the topic have to be authorized by Academic Guarantor.