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25.5.2018 10:00 - 31.8.2018 10:00 - Jaroslav Sixta - Vice-President of the CZSO

7.6.2018 13:00 - 28.9.2018 13:00 - Welcome Weekend for new admitted students

1.7.2018 - 31.8.2018 - Summer Holidays

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MOS Study Plan

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1.Programme duration

2.Recommended study plan

3. MOS core courses

4. MOS elective courses

5. Internship

1.Programme duration

2 full-time years (4 semesters)
classes are usually held on working days – Monday to Friday – and on weekly basis; regular attendance is expected from students

Total workload (credits) – 120 ECTS

Class format –  lectures and seminars

A usual class duration is 90 minutes (ie two teaching hours; one teaching hour lasts 45 minutes).


2.Recommended study plan


For MOS Class 2018/19

For MOS Class 2017/18


3.Compulsory/core courses

Course code Course name Workload
(ECTS credits)
When Course description/ Syllabus
MOS Study Plan (for MOS Class 2017/18)
InSIS – Integrated Study Information System
1 4DM465 Economic Demography I 3 ECTS S1
2 4ES611 Economic Statistics 6 ECTS S1
3 4ST604 Introduction to Data Analysis with R and SQL 3 ECTS S1
4 4ES612 Official Statistics 3 ECTS S1
5 4ST621 Probability and Mathematical Statistics I 6 ECTS S1
6 4ES610 Survey Methodology 3 ECTS S1
7 4IT522 USE MS Excel in Business Practise 3 ECTS S1
8 4ES618 National Accounting: Concept and Analyses 6 ECTS S1
9 4EK608 Advanced Econometrics 6 ECTS S3
10 4ST616 Regression 6 ECTS S4
11 4ST631 Time Series 6 ECTS S4
12 4ES526 Understanding Economic and Social Indicators 3 ECTS S4
 13  4ES620 Internship in State Statistical Service and Master Thesis Project 30 ECTS S2
4ES Minor State Exam – Master Thesis Project Defence 3 ECTS S2/S3
State Exam and Thesis Defence 12 ECTS S4
Total: all courses must be taken & credits achieved 54 +30 + 15 ECTS 33  30/33 6 15 +12



4.Elective/optional courses

(recommended for 3rd semester)

Course code Course name  Workload
(ECTS credits)
Course description/Syllabus
1 4ST650 Advanced Statistical Methods 3 ECTS MOS Study Plan 
InSIS – Integrated Study Information System
2 4EK607 Case Studies in Operations Research 6 ECTS
3 4EK605 Combinatorial Optimization 6 ECTS
4 4SA628 Czech for Foreigners 4 ECTS
5 4DM475 Economic Demography II 6 ECTS
6 4SA431 Information Systems Management 3 ECTS
7 4IT487 Information Technologies in Entrepreneurship 6 ECTS
8 1MT491 International Finance 6 ECTS
9 4ST608 Introduction to Financial and Insurance Mathematic 6 ECTS
10 4EK606 Multiple Criteria Decision Making 6 ECTS
11 4EK603 Project Management 3 ECTS
12  4IT470







International Week Courses 3 ECTS
Total: courses totalling at least the indicated number of credits must be taken min. 21 ECTS


Courses without credits:

Sport courses

Czech language courses:

Elementery Czech for Foreigners (A2) – 2RU131, Basic Czech for Foreigners (A1) – 2RU135, Elementary Czech for Russian speaking Foreigners (A2) – 2RU138



Internship represents the compulsory part of the MOS studies.

All students have to attend internship in some of the official statistic institution in the Czech Republic or European Union.

Internship is planned for the second semestr and part of Internship covers Master thesis project I.

Internship and Master Thesis Project I is the Minor specialization for MOS students. More information can be found here.